Patient Experience Survey

1. Are you

2. And what is your age

3. How did you hear about us

4. How was the staff customer service and phone skills

5. How was the appearance and comfort of our waiting area

6. Which Practitioner did you see

Dental ED
Dental ED
Dental ED
Dental ED
Dental ED
Dental ED
Dental ED

7. Were you seen on time for your appointment

8. How well was your treatment explained to you during your appointment

9. How would you rate your overall experience with the practitioner and assistant in the treatment room

10. How likely are you to refer your family or friends to see us

11. Did you find the information in the Goodie Bag helpful?

12. It was easy to find parking

13. How would you rate this practice overall for cleanliness and tidiness of appearance

14. How preferred/convenient was the time you were able to book for your appointment

15. How fair & reasonable would you say the fees are at this practice

16. If you're here today for your 6 monthly active maintenance, if you could only pick one, what motivated you to come?

Can you please provide with feedback?